Jona achieved in 2008 his bachelor of Journalism at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, after which he worked a year as a reporter for RTV Utrecht and the VPRO. Inspired by the cinematic approach of subjects at the VPRO, he registered at the Dutch Film Academy, where he graduated as a documentary director.

With his graduation movie ‘I’ he achieved the VPRO Documentary price of 2013 and the Tuschinski Award 2013 for best graduation movie at the Dutch Film festival. With his previous movie ‘Be hard or go under, he received the Megaherz Filmschool Award 2013 at the International Documentary Festival DOK.fest, in München.

As a documentary director, Jona brings big philosophic issues back to a human character that goes through a dramatic development. He does this within an observation where he doesn’t intervene in the moment, but makes imperative choices in the framework, the cuts and the sound design. As a maker he aims at being only present with cinematic means within the story telling.

Mijn Kind Online

Nominatie SpinAwards 2014 categorie Social Media
Winnaar Esprix 2014 categorie small budget
Winnaar Esprix 2014 categorie non-profit

Opdrachtgever: Stichting Mijn Kind Online (Remco Pijpers en Solange Jacobsen)
Productiemaatschappij: Wefilm
Concept en regie: Jona Honer
D.O.P.: Gabor Deak
Producer: Bas Welling en Sara Nix

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